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New Holland High-Clearance Tractor Gives Vegetable and
Specialty Crop Farmers More Power and Precise Movement

New Holland's TS6030 high-clearance tractor puts the power of 96 PTO horses into rows of tall vegetables or specialty crops without worry of plant damage. A generous maximum crop clearance of 30 inches at the drawbar prevents damage to valuable crops while cultivating or harvesting. Both axles adjust from 72 to 84 inches to accommodate a wide variety of crops and farming practices.

Meet One of the Best Tractors in the World

That’s a pretty serious claim, but you don’t have to take our word for it. New Holland’s T4060F was recently awarded the prestigious Tractor of the Year 2013 award in the Best of Specialized category at the EIMA International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Expo in Bologna, Italy.

Put big power to work in narrow rows

The new T4000F series builds on the legendary TNF-A narrow tractors offering upgrades in a package as narrow as 58.5 inches. Lower cab height, three transmission options, SuperSteer™ FWD axle, powerful hydraulic and engine capability plus an optional front three-point hitch lets you multitask on each pass.

The Auto Command™  Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) makes it easy to find the perfect speed for each job because your choice of speeds is infinite. You accelerate from zero to maximum speed smoothly and steplessly. And, the shuttle shifting is the smoothest you’ll find, making the Auto command transmission ideal for loader work. No clutching -- and almost no thinking--is needed.



EZ-Steer® Assisted
Steering System

Experience the benefits of hands-free steering when you add an EZ-Steer® Assisted Steering System to the EZ-Guide® 500 Lightbar. Guidance information from the lightbar turns the steering wheel for you, providing up to one-foot, pass-to-pass accuracy. You’ll benefit from precise rows, lowered input costs and less operator stress and fatigue.

T4000 Series
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T5000 Series
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